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Handyman Services

D4M Handyman ServicesWe are the experts at doing

All Home Repairs

For all of your major & minor home repairs, call a reliable, trusted & licensed contractor to take care of your home’s handyman projects.

Repairs to drywall, carpentry, door locks, ceiling fans, hot water heaters, fencing, outdoor decks and the list goes on! You name it ... we can fix it!

From the first call through project completion, the D4M Handyman crew will take care of everything!

D4M Handyman is a licensed general contractor and can help anywhere in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas.

Just call James at 716-261-6143 or submit the form below and let us know what you need. James and his crew can take care of pretty much any project so call us today!

Here are a few reasons that you may have to call:


From the smallest dent to a large hole in your drywall, we can fix it. Whether you have water damage or mold or damage that was caused by something hitting the wall, you can be confident that we will fix it correctly.


Painting is a task that most houses could use and most people don't know how or simply don't want to. We can help with small touch-ups or entire rooms. Give us a call and let us help!


Whatever it is you need to have hung in your house, we can hang it for you. We hang mirrors, large pictures, TV sets, shelves, etc. We can hang anything you want to attach to your wall, in a corner or from the ceiling and you can be confident they are securely and safely attached.


Do you have a leaky faucet, shower head or pipes under a sink? Maybe you have a toilet that keeps running all the time. These issues can be annoying and expensive. You may also have damage to drywall, floors & subfloors from these water leaks and we can help fix that too!


Over time, ceiling fans can start to wobble, become off balanced and make squeaking noises. Sometimes you may need a new fan but more times than not, we have been able to fix the problem and help you save money so you .


It is common to have locks become rusty over time and then they don't always work correctly. We have seen many locks with something jammed inside that caused them not to work properly. We are usually able to clean your locks up and keep you from having to spend the money to replace them. Just give us a call and have us take a look.


No matter what type of flooring you have, whether it's ceramic tile, laminate flooring, Pergo, hardwood floors, carpeting or any other type of flooring, we can fix the problem. Maybe you have carpet and the corners are coming up, or you have tiles that are cracked or entirely broken with pieces missing or even hardwood floors with grooves and scratches all over. We have many years of experience dealing with all types of flooring and can help you save a ton over replacing your floors.


We can help installing many different types of equipment including ceiling fans, whole house fans, appliances, lighting fixtures, hot water heaters, water filtration systems, electrical outlets, light switches and so much more! You can feel confident that all installations in your home are installed safely, correctly and according to code.


We can help with many different carpentry and woodworking tasks such as repairing an old fence or installing a new one. Installing ro repairing crown molding, baseboard trim, wood paneling, new doors, custom shelving, cabinets, an old outside deck, building a new custom deck or fixing/repairing stairs. No matter the task, we are up to the challenge.

Is your project not listed here? Just call James at 716-261-6143 or submit the form below and let us know what you need.

We can take care of pretty much any project so contact us today!

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