Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a thorough and intensive cleaning process that goes beyond regular tidying and maintenance. It involves cleaning areas that are often neglected during routine cleaning sessions. This process is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment, as it targets hidden dirt, grime, and bacteria.

During a deep cleaning, every nook and cranny of a space is meticulously cleaned. This includes scrubbing floors, washing walls, cleaning behind and under furniture, sanitizing kitchen appliances, and scrubbing bathroom tiles and fixtures. It often involves the use of specialized cleaning products and equipment to ensure that even the most stubborn dirt is removed.

Deep cleaning is crucial for improving indoor air quality, reducing allergens, and preventing the spread of illness-causing germs. It is typically performed less frequently than regular cleaning, such as seasonally or annually, or in preparation for special events.

House Cleaning

Every “Deep Cleaning” includes the following:

  1. Ceiling fans and light fixtures
  2. Air vents and baseboards
  3. Blinds and window sills
  4. Furniture, including behind and under pieces
  5. Carpets and rugs
  6. Hard floors (wood, tile, laminate, etc.)
  7. Edges and corners often missed during regular cleaning
  8. Inside and outside of appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator)
  9. Cabinet fronts and inside drawers
  10. Countertops and backsplashes
  11. Sink and faucet, including descaling
  12. Degreasing and scrubbing stovetops and range hoods
  13. Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets, tubs, and showers
  14. Cleaning sinks and faucets
  15. Washing mirrors and glass surfaces
  16. Descaling showerheads and faucets
  17. Scrubbing grout and tiles
  18. Washing bedding, including pillows and mattresses
  19. Dusting and cleaning under the bed
  20. Organizing closets and drawers
  21. Cleaning upholstery and vacuuming sofas and chairs
  22. Dusting and wiping down electronics
  23. Washing windows and glass doors
  24. Cleaning and organizing bookshelves and entertainment centers