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Routine vs Deep Cleaning

Routine vs Deep CleaningIt is highly recommended that you start with our Deep Cleaning so you get optimal results. If your ceiling fans, light fixtures, door and window trim has not been dusted on a regular basis, our routine cleaning will probably not give you the results you want.

The Deep (or Spring Clean) starts you off fresh and the routine cleanings can be thought of as “maintenance” to your home. To sum up the difference between the two cleans: we hand wipe all items listed in the Deep Clean and feather dust most items in the Routine “Maintenance” Clean. However, we never feather dust counter tops, dining tables tops, coffee tables tops, appliances, etc.

Routine Cleaning

Every “Routine Cleaning” includes the following:

  •  Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures Dusted
  •  Cobwebs Removed
  •  Blinds, Window Sills Dusted
  •  Molding & Woodwork Dusted
  •  Baseboards Dusted
  •  Lamps & Lampshades Dusted
  •  Beds Made/Sheets Changed
  •  Stairs Vacuumed
  •  Floors Vacuumed &/or Mopped
  •  Outside of Appliances (including top of refrigerator)
  •  Counter Tops & Backsplashes
  •  All Sinks, Mirrors, Tub/Showers, Toilets Cleaned
  •  Stovetop & Drip Pans
  •  Wastebaskets Emptied & Relined
  •  Furniture Dusted and Polished
  •  Pictures & Knick-Knacks Dusted

Deep Cleaning

"Deep Cleaning" addresses heavy dirt and dust build-up and includes all of the “Maintenance Cleaning” plus:

  •  Ceiling Fan Blades Hand-Wiped
  •  Light Fixtures (washed in place)
  •  Vacuum Under Moveable Furniture
  •  Blinds and Curtain Tops Vacuumed
  •  Light Plate Switches Washed
  •  Door and Door Frames Washed
  •  Picture Frames Wiped Off
  •  Cabinet Fronts Washed
  •  Window Sills and Baseboards Washed
  •  Vacuum Crevice Tool Used

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